XF 1.5 11 Outdated Templates and constantly logged out with message "You must be logged in to do that"


Having Xenforo 1.5.14. and was in the process to get help with Upgrading to version 2.latest.
I have 11 Outdated Templates (have had for ages I think) and I also get logged out more or less when I click a link to a page or message etc!?

I was about to get 1 Year of Xenforo Extention and also buy the Upgrade service for $50. But I have been told that getting Xenforo forum software might not
necessarily solve the problem. Thats why I wonder what to do with all of the Outdated Templates?
outdated templates.JPG


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You use a custom style so you can contact the author for an updated version if you plan to stay on XF1.
If you are going to upgrade to XF2 however, it's irrelevant as they are no longer used.

Being logged out is typically due to your site being available at different protocols and domains - e.g. http, https and www, non-www.
See point 19 here to resolve that: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/frequently-asked-questions.5183/#post-180456

Who was helping you with upgrading - neither of those issues are really related to upgrading and aren't blocking issues.
I meant that I was about to get 1 year extension and get the upgrade service. But I am first trying to figure out what problems I really have with my forum.

I am thinking of just ordering the upgrade service but I am not sure if there will be any problems doing so?
The thing is that Xenforo have always been difficult for me so I am having a hard time to decide what to do.

I do not want to upgrade from 1.5.14 to 2.latest and find out that the forum "crash" or get into some even more serious problems? Is there a way to decide for someone like me? I think Xenforo 2 seems interesting with the new features etc I found on the homepage so I would rather get that.

I wish I could be more responsible but as I said, have serious difficulties handling/understanding all of this. Maybe just try to change skin from Fusion Gamer to a default Xenforo skin by myself, order the upgrade service and hope for the best?

Someone who can give me a clue if this probably wouldnt be any problem or if it is advisable to do something else first?

I want the forum up and running smoothly ASAP and dont mind having normal/default Xenforo skin and think of skin/other options later.
Ok, I will wait for an answer here and if I cannot get the clearer in my mind I guess I will just have to start and dabble with it.