What are extended member list items?


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In Style-Properties → Member List Item → Settings there is this property:


The CSS for this is this:

/* extended member list items have a fixed 200px right column */
.memberListItem.extended .extra
    width: @memberListItemExtendedWidth;
.memberListItem.extended .member
    margin-right: {xen:calc '@memberListItemExtendedWidth + 10'}px;
Which means that on member list items (only on the Current Visitors page, not on the member list page) there is a right column that is hidden by default.

This is a member list item on the Current Visitors page in Firebug:


Now if you put some content in the div class="extra" container and add the class "extended" to the li element of the member list item, you get this:


On the Current Visitor page a member list item looks like this (I have highlighted it with firebug):


As you can see, the right column is the right margin of the middle section.

Now the question is, under which circumstances do member list items become extended and what content is added in the right column? Is this a new feature in 1.2?


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It's not used anywhere (except for addons)

the extra column is optional and can be "activated" if needed.

The condition inside the online list is
 <xen:set var="$extraTemplate">
<xen:if is="{$canViewIps}">
<a href="{xen:if '{$user.user_id}', {xen:link online/user-ip, $user}, {xen:link online/guest-ip, '', 'ip={$user.ip}'}}" class="OverlayTrigger ip"><span>{xen:phrase ip}</span></a>
which is causing the empty extra div box for you (because of the missing viewIps permission)

If you test it on your board, you'll have probably a content inside the extra div because of your ip view permissions

the extra column is also used in the RM for the resource counter http://xenforo.com/community/resources/authors

and i'm using it for quick user administration links on the memberlist (1 click operations)

And to come back to the "extended css class", I assume it's a way to set a fixed with for this column.