XF 1.4 What alerts does a new member get? Congratulations on first post


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Out the box what alerts / trophies does a new member get please?

Do they get an alert when they post for the first time?


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  1. First Message Points: 1
  2. Delete...
    Somebody Likes You Points: 2
  3. Delete...
    Keeps Coming Back Points: 5
  4. Delete...
    Can't Stop! Points: 10
  5. Delete...
    I Like It a Lot Points: 10
  6. Delete...
    Seriously Likeable! Points: 15
  7. Delete...
    Addicted Points: 20
  8. Delete...
    Can't Get Enough of Your Stuff Points: 20
  9. Delete...
    I LOVE IT! Points: 30


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Note that trophies aren't awarded instantly (they're checked via cron).