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How can I enable it ?

Found it unders posts. You should add this to Xenforo Manual.
There are many things that they should add to the manual.

With that said, they produce such a terrific product that even people who RTFM like you and me have to appreciate their work. I just wish that their support team had as much passion for the manual as they have for the forum. Many of us don't have time to search through hundreds of posts to get some little nugget of information. Some of us just want to have one thing that they can read in an afternoon and know that they have mastered the basics. [Edit: if you do put some effort into improving the manual, please let us know so we know it is worth giving another look. It may take a little while for us to change our habits. The developer documentation that was promised many years ago would be especially welcome.]

Perhaps once 2.0 is out...
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