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Welcome to Pittsburgh, Mike.


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I suppose I could sabotage them. Last place in the division is what I'm aiming for, right?
You can't do worse than the Flyers regardless of how much you try!

I dunno your joke but aren't penguins better than flyers anyway :whistle:
That's the joke basically. I'm a Penguins fan (from Pittsburgh) and he's a Flyers fan (from eastern PA). It's been a joking rivalry since I've joined the staff.


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All them ads though :rolleyes: players are like skating billboards..
To be fair, that's pretty much the case in any of the European leagues. As an example, SM-Liiga (Finnish): http://liiga.fi/pelaajat/24622477/kuusela-kristian

Is the net width narrower too? They look a bit smaller in the pics.
Not as far as I'm aware. There's a bit of rink size discussion here, which shows that they actually aren't even all the same (at least in 2010).