weird SEO boost since moving to Xenforo

Hello everyone,

I made the move to Xenforo a fortnight ago and today I got a weird example of an SEO boost.

I made a post some months ago moaning about the service I received from a company hired by my letting agent to chase up my references and stuff. Since moving to Xenforo, that webpage has gone to number 4 in Google's ranking when you search for this particular company just by their name. A fact I was unaware of until one of their representatives sent me a text message today, asking to have a conversation - after calling me when I was working.

Though I've not spoken with them yet, I'm guessing they want to convince me to remove that page..



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Theres quite a few examples of such things happening with XenForo, such as searching google for

find facebook user id

XenForo will be above Facebook in the results!
Oh, I don't think of it as a bad thing. In fact, I kind of laughed at the idea that a company couldn't be bothered with me as a paying customer until they realised that my bad review of them could be costing them business.

And it's nice to know about that Facebook thing...

That's the power of Xenforo!