Moving to Xenforo or no...


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So, I am an old IPB user, coming from vBB some of the others in our company is wanting to move to Xenforo for one of our new portals, which is gaming oriented.

I am mostly used to IPB and I am finding it hard to find truly compelling reasons, but then again this could really be because I don't know Xenforo well enough.

I've tried benchmarking some of our IPBoards vs. the community xenforo forums in the thread here, but there the IPB comes out ahead by 25-33% after 35 runs to 4 of the top forums, but this could simply be down to massively overpowered hardware.

So, assuming virtually no limits to hardware/software and money, what are the selling points of Xenforo?


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The best support staff and developers in the industry ;)

Generally speaking though, in todays forum market, all the major players offer different takes on the forum experience, so putting a side by side list is pretty difficult as they'll all tick the same boxes, just in a different shade of green.

I would say your best bet would be to really get stuck into a XenForo forum and see if you like how it works and feels, try the admin demo to get a feel for the back end functions. If you want to purchase a copy and really give it a go testing the addon system etc, we maintain a reasonable refund policy as we know some people just don't gel with a system for one reason or another, its not a carte blanche policy but feel free to open a ticket up and we can see what we can do for you.