XF 1.5 Weird issue with route filter


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Hey guys,

I have a weird problem with a route filter.
I created a page with the URL portion "join_community" and set up a route filter to replace "pages/join_community" with "join/community".
On another page I linked to "join/community", but when I click the link I get the message "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."
When I link directly to "pages/join_community" everything works as expected, but I don't like it as the browser displays this link in the bottom left corner when hovering :D

See this page: https://tactical-riot-gaming.de/join/
Click the right button and you'll get the error message. When you use the direct link below, everything works.

All other links work properly, but this one drives me crazy. I tried everything, I deleted the route filter, created a new one, I deleted the page and created a new one, I rebuilt master data and permissions are set correctly. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks in advance :)


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What other route filters do you have?

Given the route filter you mentioned, technically speaking, the correct URL is join/community/ -- https://tactical-riot-gaming.de/join/community/ -- which works. This is the URL XF would generate. The trailing slash can be significant in some cases.


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Thanks Mike, you are right! Never had that before, but it's working perfectly with the trailing slash :)