Partial fix Weird effect when copy paste in tag box


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There seems to be a weird effect when i copy and paste words in the tag box.

It's mostly for long words. As you can see in my .gif


The reason i am copying paste is because there is "no set all tags to"

and also you can't copy and paste tags. So the only solution is too write it out first:

thebest car, joeyiscool, msn

without a comma at the end and then copy and paste it in all the boxes and simply add a comma to make it tags

But it doesn't paste well inside the tag box. It's almost as if the tag box is small. Or the internet doesn't see the big box space .

Have a try. I am using Chrome

Chris D

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This isn't actually exclusive to the Gallery it's just how the tag input works. I'm pretty sure we can't do anything about this.


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If you change the display from "inline-block" to "block" for ".taggingInput .addTag" it works just fine

Add this in EXTRA.css
.taggingInput .addTag {

  display: block;
But maybe restrict it more to just mediapage otherwise it can/will break other tag inputs
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Chris D

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Well, it breaks the media page tag input, too, so it won't be fixed like that (if at all).


It puts the existing tags on a separate line to the tag input itself.


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The width overflow issue is roughly expected here and you'll still be able to trigger it with long tags. However, I have resolved the display issue that relates to pasting into the text box; they now get converted to tags correctly.