Fixed Weird behaviour when attempting to use upper-case letter directly next to a smiley while editing a post

Affected version
2.0.0 XF.Com Edition

DragonByte Tech

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Yeah, so I don't have any screen recording software just now so bear with me.

Step 1: Post a post using a smiley.
Step 2: Edit the post
Step 3: Attempt to type an uppercase letter directly before the smiley, I tested it with Shift-B
Step 4: Notice a small overlay window appears underneath the smiley, and you can't enter text anymore

I posted this post: and noticed I had typed
as they don't need attention in the same way a :)
I went to edit the post, I placed the indicator directly to the left of the smiley, and began typing "Bug" but when I tried to type the uppercase B, the small overlay window appeared.

EDIT: The overlay window has icons for Replace, Remove and Add Link, and can be brought up by clicking the smiley while editing. If you edit this post and try to add an uppercase letter after the " in Step 3, you will see the bug. Lower-case letters do not trigger this behaviour, so it leads me to believe it's related to the Shift key.

EDIT 2: Further testing shows the issue has nothing to do with the " character, I've amended the report accordingly.


Chris D

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Blah blah blah :)

EDIT: Yeah I can see it now. The smilie is treated as an image. Entering a character before it triggers the image editing context menu in Froala. This may be a Froala bug but I'll test it on their demo first.

EDIT 2: Can't seem to reproduce anything similar on their demo (was some other quirks but not certain they're related).

EDIT 3: In actual fact, if I do some fudging with the editor content on their demo I can reproduce it. We'll get this logged with them.

Issue logged here:
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