Weddingplanner switched from VB4 to Xf...


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Not really a fan of wedding planning...;), but the site looks nice! If your asking what the color's are, then the main color's are pink, little bit of purple, light blue and white.


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Looks good, the colours used suits the whole "wedding theme" thing well, especially the pink. In fact the picture posted above showing purple and green looks better to me than the changes made since, now it looks like it's missing another extra colour thrown in there, a bit too much pink/pinky red used now in the header. The purple looked good in that screen-shot above, the green also looked OK to me.


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Really like your site - excellent work. The slider on the front page is very slick, I like the colours, love the font you've used for thread titles, like the node icons too. Very good all round.
Thanks for your replies, as i mentioned in the first post, i´ve problems, seeing colors. Without your critics i´m nearly lost;) Now i like to change the site-background, think it´s very boring, but don´t know how to spice it up a bit.
Do you have any ideas?
Thanks again, Peter


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Colors are also a bit too clear for me. Very nice style otherwise, I immediately understood that I was on a wedding forum :)


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Thanks for your reply. Could you explain, what you mean with to clear?
Sorry, It seems I didn't choose the correct word (French people are bad in foreign languages​​, it's well known). I would like to say that your style is "too light" or "too bright" (choose the right word) for me.