XF 1.5 website generated emails sent to Spam mailbox


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I'm setting up a new website and I noticed that the Registration and Contact Us emails are being sent to the Spam mailbox. I use another domain's email account as my website's email address (reduces the number of email addys). The email is hosted by Google Apps. What needs to be done to fix this issue and have the emails go to the end users Inbox? Thanks
I'm assuming you've done all the SPF/DKIM/RDNS stuff?
If not, that's the first step... but your using a different domain account could cause issues - depending on how it is set up.
Ok, now I created a new email add on the newdomain.com and simply have the messages forwarded to my other domain's email addy which is hosted by Google.

I also had the SPF and DKIM enabled on my newdomain.com.

In XF admin panel under Options, I entered the admin@newdomain.com. Is there anything else that I need to set in XF?
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