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I am sharing a link to a webmaster site where you can freely promote your site and potentially gain some traffic. Forum Promotion that is my referral link for the site. I am going to be releasing a few free addons that can only be downloaded there soon. So please sign up using that link and promote your site.

The site is Forum Promotion, and it is a very friendly community. Stop by and promote your own site.


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Can you share the backstory to this forum? It has 1.5m members and 32k members but at first glance it appears like it died out and is recently working on reviving itself? There are some dead or very outdated links throughout the forum ("sponsors" section in the footer).

The main directory page could be useful but it seems to be missing a lot of the websites that are listed in the forum promotion node, essentially making the former obsolete.

I didn't realize there was another TAZ-like site still running and overall this one looks pretty good.