XF 1.5 webDav not working (Can't upload, but can create & delete templates)

Adam K M

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Hello everyone,

Just as the title suggests, with Cyberduck I can create a new file / delete files in my style, yet I can't actually download a template, modify it (then hit save) and get it automatically re-uploaded - Cyberduck gives me an error when trying to (presumably) overwrite an already existing file on the server.

Furthermore, the ".css" files available through webDav appear to only contain a few lines of CSS, rather than the full-blown CSS file available on xenForo's template editor.

Anyone have any ideas what's going wrong? I'm doing this on a local installation - powered by Easyphp.

(Edit: I've never been able to get webdav working, even on previous, supported versions of xenForo, so I don't think this has much to do with the version I'm using but rather some funky config problem? Yes, debug is enabled)
The WebDAV system isn't really something we provide official support for, as it's quite limited in the clients that support it (and the limitations it has); it's not actually something that's in use internally these days. I believe there have been some changes in recent version of Cyberduck that causes problems with what is implemented by XF's WebDAV system.

If you're running into problems, I'd mostly have to recommend trying an alternative program to access WebDAV.
Thanks for your response @Mike - what do you "use internally" these days while accessing xenForo's template system?
I've tried looking at other webdav clients (WinSCP, etc) but I always seem to have troubles with them, so I'm stuck in a rut.

I do use the template syntax highlighter add-on for all of my style/template modifications, but something tells me that there are better and more streamlined ways to go about editing templates.
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