1. Tornalu

    XenForo Resource Manager

    Add to the settings so that you can upload files both to the xenforo forum itself, and choose to upload to third-party FTP, WebDAV servers. Thanks.
  2. S

    XF 2.1 When making backup with FTP which folders do I need to backup?

    Which folders/files are most important? I want to make backup of new forum install now while I look for an automatic solution.. thanks in advance.
  3. Mete Turan

    XF 1.5 FTP is not installed

    I took xenforo 1.5.8. but I can not ftp installation. FTP does not appear.
  4. G

    MG 1.1 Replacing images

    Is there a way to replace a image in the media gallery? I have links going out from the site so I would prefer to not have to upload a new one as I would have to relink. I have FTP access to the server.
  5. Adam K M

    XF 1.5 webDav not working (Can't upload, but can create & delete templates)

    Hello everyone, Just as the title suggests, with Cyberduck I can create a new file / delete files in my style, yet I can't actually download a template, modify it (then hit save) and get it automatically re-uploaded - Cyberduck gives me an error when trying to (presumably) overwrite an already...
  6. C

    Duplicate Ftp:// links wrong parsing as http://ftp//

    Hi. Just tried to enter some ftp link, but there is no such When I enter ftp://ftp.padua.org/pub/msdos/dos/games/local/tiger21.zip it's converting as http://ftp//ftp.padua.org/pub/msdos/dos/games/local/tiger21.zip So link will never work.. Please fix this...