Web Designers Rejoice


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Apparently IE's browser share has fallen below 50%, according to a recent poll by StatCounter.
As IE has been falling, rivals Firefox, Chrome, and Safari have been rising. But while both Firefox and Safari have had various growth spurts throughout the past two years, Chrome is the clear winner. The browser has gone from 1 percent of the market two years ago, to 11.5 percent last month. That places it well ahead of the older Safari (at 4.4 percent) and only behind Firefox (at 31.5 percent) and IE.
The hated IE6, meanwhile, continues to fall. It’s down to 7.4 percent now, according to the data. Two years ago, it made up nearly 30 percent of the market by itself.


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So that's good news, but here's the problem: As long as IE maintains a significant share of the market (which in my opinion, will be for as long as web browsers exist), we will still have to design with IE in mind...Whether IE owns 10% marketshare or 50% marketshare, we still have to support it. If it drops below 5%, then it's not as clear cut...but honestly, I don't see that happening.

Now, IE6 is another story. It's by far the worst version of IE to work with, and it's less and less important as every day goes on. I decided not too long ago to stop supporting IE6 in my designs all together, and boy, it does feel good to get rid of a version of IE :)


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It has been falling on our forum since last year, now down to 55% I believe (coming from over 70%). Let's hope the trend continuous.


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Well, IE works better for a lot of people, I use it most of the time because it cuts and pastes data much cleaner than all the other browsers, it works much better for a lot of forum posting applications also.

So you guys will still need to make sure your apps work with IE, not all the old stuff but now IE 9 is coming out.