We Have Valid AMP Add-on

Anthony Parsons

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Nixfifty has been working on an AMP add-on, and after working through issues, then discovering problems caused by Pagespeed, we now all have access to a valid AMP add-on.


If you use page speed, then you will need your relevant web server disallow config, i.e. NGINX:
pagespeed Disallow "*?amp=1";
As page speed will inject invalid AMP attributes into your pages, thus defeating the purpose and intent of AMP.

See: https://www.mycombatptsd.com/threads/new-member-from-arizona.4317/?amp=1 which is running on a Pixel Exit Edge theme.

We have valid thread page AMP. WHOO!

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.32.16 am.png
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Anthony Parsons

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Yer... I tested his site and knew this. He has stated that his site is still running an older version. I understand though... if you sell it, you should use your latest build.

The latest build though, is valid, as demonstrated above. It is the 1.0.6 build producing valid AMP.

Anthony Parsons

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You should see an increase in mobile traffic, however, I have only just worked out the kinks in getting it to produce valid AMP.... a couple of months time should tell.

@Brent W could answer this though, as a longer user of this with valid AMP.

Brent W

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So this basically removes all navigation functionality. I wonder if your bounce rate goes up much.
Navigation can be added at some point. Its still an early release. No difference in bounce rate. Remember, the people that are landing on these amp pages are either search engine referrals or something like Facebook referrals. The bounce rate on these referrals was already high anyways.

The advantage is now we have an extra CTA on the SERP that lets the mobile user know that our result when clicked will load instantly.