Can we have a Dark coloured Skin here on xenforo?


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Turn on a light?
Wife asleep right <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< there

Also, bookmarked your new site "Animelon" what the hell is this going to be? lmao, looks (just from the image) very interesting/sick.
Thank's.. It's just an anime site tho the sig is great my mate made it, she is bloody good at stuff like that :)

Turn your monitor brightness down :p
:C I have loads of stuff I need to see tho :D


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If you do a night vision one... that uses long wavelength colours in the visible part of the EM spectrum (ie. red) I could be on the xf forums whilst out observing at an observatory without killing my night vision. LOL

Ryan Kent

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Can we have a Dark coloured Skin here on xenforo?
The bright White on all the skins you have just kills destroys my eye's at night ><

Please :3
imo an admin should change his skin to Gruesome Colors then remove his rights to change it. I know, I'm evil. muahahaha

Luke F

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Tried that software before - looks awful for most of the day if you care about colour temperature. (I like a good 7000k-ish)