Well, since we don't have an add-on for customize the Contact Page, is there an way that i can customize the form like XenForo use in the main site?


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XenForo have a very nice Contact Us page, indeed:

If you click on the Report Piracy tab, it will show this:


I would like to replicate then in my website, since, in the same way XF does to report piracy, i need to use for legal requests, just like that, but with some text boxes, checkbox, etc.

Any tips or, any add-on that can help me achieve this?

Thanks guys.
It would require custom development.

Yeah, as imagined dear Brogan, but would be a such nice feature to implement, a better Contact Us customization.

That's why i opened this thread, maybe someone in the community can help me for free.

The charges for custom development are of the charts right now and is going to get even worse. All must be ready for a global economic crash in the next months, China is going to repeat 1929, unfortunately.

Sorry about the off topic.
If you want someone to develop it for you then it needs to be posted in either the add-on requests or custom development forum.

As you don't want to contract someone to develop it, I have moved the thread to the former.
This might work for you

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