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Way to view every new post as they are created?

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by SW48, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. SW48

    SW48 Member

    Is there a way for a moderator to view each new post as they occur?
  2. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    They can closely follow the recent activity page or you can make it so that all posts go into the moderation queue?
  3. SW48

    SW48 Member

    Recent posts doesn't work as there are 700 posts a day.

    Moderation queue would also probably not work as it would be too many.

    Just thought maybe there was an administrator view that showed all the new posts as they happened with a snippet of the first few lines.

  4. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    Makes sense.

    There isn't. However there's also this page: https://xenforo.com/community/find-new/posts which shows you the most recent posts, paginated so the number doesn't matter, and there's a little indicator to show where the ones since your last visit stop.
  5. Harpers Tate

    Harpers Tate Well-Known Member

  6. HWS

    HWS Well-Known Member

    I think he wants a live view to currently written posts before they are published (see the "drafts" XenForo already creates regularly). That would be possible to be created as an add-on and not very difficult too. Basically a "Drafts Viewer" page.
  7. SW48

    SW48 Member

    This shows the most recent threads that have been posted in. So then as a mod I would have to click into that thread and find the last post that I hadn't read. Lot of work.
  8. SW48

    SW48 Member

    No, more of a live view of most recent posts with the first couple sentences visible as they are happening.
  9. SW48

    SW48 Member

  10. Harpers Tate

    Harpers Tate Well-Known Member

    You can enter the thread or post - if you can "catch" it - and then do whatever you want with it. The list is populated with post/thread URLs but if your board is busy, as your view page scrolls with each new item, you have to be quick with your click.......
  11. James

    James Well-Known Member

    You could probably edit the template that comes with the addon to add warn and delete actions as, I believe, they are just actions after the thread ID?

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