Waving Wednesday!


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If you're a Twitter tweeter, then you most likely know about Follow Friday (#ff). But did you know about Waving Wednesday? Well now ya do. So if you see #ww followed by your @twittername, on Wednesdays, of course), you'll know what it means.

What is the purpose of Waving Wednesday? Darned if I know. I just follow the Twitter crowd!

Oh and apparently I'm Kier's prettiest mod (tho I'm not a mod any longer).



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I knew about waving wednesday only recently when a guy tweeted about waving wednesday kicking follow fridays ass. Yeah, ooooo-kay.


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I prefer my site's "F-U Fridays". It's when we all just give a collective FU!!!! to everyone during the week who earned our wrath.

I prefer my sites Nude Support Friday! :p

Waving to anyone still in Wednesday... of course we have moved on now, and have discarded Wednesday as Yesterday's news... So Waves from Thrusting Thursday!