Add-on Progress bar + Mark thread as completed


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I'm using Xenforo as an LMS, which even though its not designed for this purpose, it handles it pretty well. To demonstrate, you can watch this short Loom video where I show how I'm currently using it.

However, I've received a number of messages from the members about not being able to "mark lessons/threads completed" and being able to view a progress bar. Again I know this is well outside of what Xenforo is intended to do, but having this feature as an add on would be excellent.

Ideally, users would finish watching a video lesson, or reading a thread, and click a button somewhere on the page, that marks the lesson/thread as completed. This of course would be reflected in the progress bar, again, somewhere on screen. It would also be great if I (as the forum admin) could view this progress so that I could get some idea of where students are up to in the course.

Is this possible?
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