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SK Mark Thread as Read 2.0.0

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skhms submitted a new resource:

SK Mark Thread as Read - Allow users to mark a thread as read without actually viewing the thread.

SK Mark Thread as Read - v2.0.0

Allow users to mark a thread as read without actually viewing the thread.

A 'Mark as Read' link will appear on the forum list, watched threads, unread threads and the recent threads pages.

Click the link and the thread will be marked as read without you needing to open it.

Those with permission to do inline moderation can as an alternative select threads and choose 'Mark Threads as Read' using the inline moderation pop-up.

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Can someone confirm that this is still working as intended for them using the latest XF version? For some reason I only see the option to mark as read on a handful of threads in each forum, even when using a test account that I haven't viewed any threads on in some forums.


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I have tested it on Xenforo 2.0.4 and can't see any issues.

Remember that posts older than 30 days (that's the default value, you can change it) is automatically considered as read.
So even if you register a new account some older threads will be marked as read and no "Mark as Read" link will be shown.



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That's some coincidental timing, because I was just coming here to say that this seems to have sorted itself out.

The issue I was reporting included threads newer than thirty days. For one thing, I was seeing it on the new posts page. But I was just going over those and the forums a few minutes ago and everything looks good now. So I'm not sure exactly what cron had to run, or whatever, but it seems to be working fine now, which is all I care about. Thanks for the reply. (y)


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@skhms Please can you add functionality, Mark Thread as Un-Read? When make Mark Thread as Read then appear button Mark Thread as Un-Read.