XF 1.2 Watching a Forum

XenForo 1.2 adds another commonly requested feature: the ability to watch a forum. The forum watching system works rather similarly to the thread watching system, just on all content within a forum.

When you click the link to watch a forum, you'll see an overlay like this:


Notification-less watching options may be expanded in the future (such as with indications on the new threads list).

Notifications work identically to thread watching notifications: you'll only receive one about a thread until you view it on the forum.

Like threads, you can manage your watched forums in bulk via a dedicated page. This can also be used to simply filter only to forums you're interested in.

Administrators can also limit the type of notifications that can be triggered when watching a forum:

This can be useful to reduce the number of notifications that will be triggered on particularly busy forums.
Yet another conspiracy theory of mine:

Usually friday was the HYS-day. This time, we get stuff on friday and the following monday. Does this mean the release (or at least update of that forum) comes closer?
Mike, you're killing me. Are you sure you're talking about xF 1.2? The dot one point increment doesn't do justice to all the new features and improvements you've been adding. :)
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