Fixed Watch This Thread - Overlay


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Minor issue.

The autofocus attribute gets applied to the wrong radio button in the overlay.



It works as designed when you open it on its own page.



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Also you may not use a "true" value since just 'autofocus' attribute is enough. The same width checked.

Referring to the bug: the autofocus really should point to the button, not on the options. Because usually we just hit enter when those types of windows appear.


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I just encountered the same issue using XF built-in classes to implement my own overlay. Basically whenever your default choice is not the first choice, the wrong radio button gets the autofocus.


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This issue also applies to the "Watch This Resource" overlay too.

As far as I know, IE 8 and 9 don't support the singular autofocus attribute. It needs to be autofocus="true" because it's a boolean attribute.

Then again, does it require an autofocus attribute at all?


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We were ignoring autofocus attributes in overlays, just doing the first form field. Fixed it to check for an autofocus value first.