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In addition to the option to add someone from a user group as a result of a warning, I'd like to recommend the option to remove someone from a user group.

I have a usergroup promotion set up - the first five posts a new user makes require mod approval. After the fifth approved post, the user is promoted to a verified user group (no mod approval needed to post.

I'd like to see a user kicked back to the group that needs mod approval after x warnings.
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Generally speaking, removing a user from a group programmatically has some problems with ambiguity.

However, it's not necessary: this is the exact situation "never" was created for. It's designed for the groups where you explicitly want to remove permissions. You can add the user to a "limited" group that removes the follow message moderation rules permssion which will force them back to manual approval. (This is an approach we use here, as well as forcing users to read-only at a certain point as well.)