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XF 1.4 REMOVE user from group upon promotion.

Hi there!

I have added title ladders for each of my usergroups as shown in the picture below.

The problem is I want a user to lose the Bronze banner on 5 post count, and gain the Iron banner in its place. I currently use group promotions to add the user to the new group (getting a new banner) but I am unable to lose the old one.



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The bronze banner promotion should include this criteria:

User has posted no more than X messages

where X is set to 4

This means that when a user makes their 5th post, they will no longer meet that criteria and will be removed from that group.
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I have tried this, but for almost all my users, they have multiple usergroups.

Any way to update my whole userbase?


Here is my current setup :

0-4 = New member = Bronze Member.
5-9 = 5 Post Count = Iron Member.
10-29 = 10 Post Count = Steel Member
30-49 = 30 Post Count = Mithril Member.

Most users are in all groups.

Patience, I do work for a living and can't be sat on these forums all day. :p

Try rebuilding the User Group Promotions cache in ACP > Tools > Rebuild Caches
Thanks man, seems to have worked for most.

For some odd reason it does not work for some Mods and Admins (the updating), will I have to do those manually?


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No, it should work for everyone. If it's not working for some, you'll need to look at the criteria you have set in each of your promotions to check they are all correct (I can't tell, you've only posted one screenshot).

Also note that if you have manually added anyone to any of the groups (or manually removed any users), the user group promotions won't apply to them until you correct this. See User group promotions for details: