XF 1.5 Warning action: Temporary BAN - Not applying


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I set-up a test warning action to temporarily ban for a month after 5 points. I warned a test account to get it up to the trigger points total and no ban.

I tested with Discourage and it worked. I tested with adding to a usergroup and that worked too. But for some unknown reason it won't apply the ban.

Any idea why not or where I should start looking to diagnose the problem?

Shaun :D

ETA: Modified the action to "Ban whilst above threshold", removed last warning, applied a new one (to take it to 5 and trigger ban) and still no ban. Odd. o_O
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We have it set up to temporary ban for 1 day on 4 points, 1 week on 6 points, 1 month on 8 points and permanent on 10 points.

I just entered the desired amount of warning points in the action option and set the temporary banned days to desired amount.

Do you have any add-on thats interfering with the ban processing?


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Okay, after some experiementing on other forums I've established that they ban-on-action okay despite having a number of similar add-ons to CycleChat.

So I disabled all of the "other" add-ons I have on CycleChat, set-up a new user, set-up an action to ban (temp 1 week) at 5 points, and gave the user 5 warnings - NO BAN!?

This is in the table - xf_warning_action_trigger


... which looks like it is triggering properly but the user status is NOT changing to is_banned =1 ?!



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Is the user you're testing with a moderator or an admin perhaps? If so, we block bans on them (which meas then ban record won't be inserted).


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Mike has managed to resolve this via a support ticket. For other people's interest it seems I'd gone a bit too mad in my warning ban reason phrase and it was exceeding the character limit.

All sorted now. (y)

Shaun :D