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Warning Acknowledgement [Paid] 1.2.10

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Xon submitted a new resource:

Warning Acknowledgement - Allows forcing acknowledgement of a warning

Strongly recommend Report Improvements (v1.3.4) also be installed.

Warning Acknowledgement tracks if a user has acknowledged a warning and (optional) prevents a warned user from doing things like the following until they acknowledge the warning;
  • Whitelist forums for replies.
  • Disable replies.
  • Disable likes.
  • Disable viewing conversations .
  • Disable viewing alerts .

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Can you add the option to place a user in a specific group when they have warnings pending acknowledgement and then remove them from that group when the warnings have been acknowledged?



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Can "User note" be pre populated with text set in ACP
And can it be different text for different warnings?
Can User text be rich text (bbcode or html code... bold, link, font colors...)?


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Xon updated Warning Acknowledgement with a new update entry:

1.2.0 - Feature Update

  • Add user group change when a warning acknowledgement is required and remove it after it is accepted.
  • User note preview.
  • Per-warning ability to suppress regular notices, with a global default.
  • Allow default text for Warning Acknowledgement user notes;
    • Warned content:
      • {title}
      • {content}
      • {url}
    • Warning:
      • {warning_title}
      • {warning_link}
      • {warning_points}
    • User receiving the warning:
      • {name}...
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Appreciate your PM. No one is getting them though.

I'm waiting in the longest queue to get through to Google to see what's causing this. It doesn't make much sense.