Want to rename Conversations to Private Messages


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My users are confusing Conversation and they think that it is visible to everyone so I want conversations to rename as Private Messages... Please tell me if there is single resource file where I can do these changes??

Or do I need to search each and every template and then rename the conversations to private messages?
Thanks for help guys :)

Now I'm learning xenforo and it is actually pretty user friendly and easy :) ... Will soon do the changes :)

King:- Thanks for suggestion... Even I guess using sql will be easy for me :)...
Just be aware there can be an issue with users because ultimately Conversations are not private from admins. (Log In As User for example)
So best to add a note to the Terms that in case of sensitive situations it can very occasionally be necessary to check Conversations by admins. My experience is that this does not cause objections but it can if there is no statement about it.

Some admins do not approve of doing this kind of Conversations check even in critical situations. If this means you obviously my cautionary advice does not apply.
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