Vps or Dedicated Data Loss?


Hello from the forum
I want to take some doubts before buying the license,
I will put my forum in a vps, 2 vcore and 4 gb memory and 300 gb hd, with time I will have enough users access and then I'll need a dedicated future. When I transfer to dedicated I suffer data loss / files content, forum about electronic maintenance discourse.
have any tutorials on this subject?


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That's kind of a weird post ...

Why would you loose data when moving from one server to another (bare metal or VPS doesn't really matter, it's all the same)?


as well ? ip vps and hd shared right, dedicated machine just for you, with fixed ip, transferred the data aforesaid does not suffer losses instead of another?


I think he is asking would there be any possibility of data loss. The answer is yes and no. No if you know what you are doing and Yes if you dont know what you are doing.

Good luck


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My answer would be:

There would not (must not) be any issue transferring any CMS/Forum/Website and etc, from one server/cloud-server/VPS to the other IF it is done by an experienced professional.

Hence, if you have a forum and you are not experienced in this field please ask an experienced admin to do it for you.

And of course as @duderuud mentioned..... BACKUP/BACKUP/BACKUP.... its a lifesaver.

Good luck :)