VigLink Xenforo Plugin in the works

Hi guys, i'm Brian from VigLink. I help determine which features and such get added to new products. I'm starting work to develop a Xenforo plugin and would love to hear any feature requests you may have. Forums have always been an area of interest for me. I have personally been running automotive forums since the late 90's so I think we can build some great tools that help all of you earn more revenue from your communities.
Fashionably late ;). We have supported vBulletin for a number of years, but Xenforo is growing fast, and we want to make sure we are taking care of everyone here.


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Hey, better late than never! ;) While our VL code seemed to be functioning, I was hesitant to upgrade to the latest XF due to this thread.(i.e. ReverseTabNabbing Feature added in v1.5.5) While we don't earn much, we just can't afford to lose any revenue. :oops:

Thanxx for creating the new VigLink add-on! I've removed Chris D's (Unmaintained) Add VigLink Code and installed yours now. (y)
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