XF 1.3 Viewing unknown page?

Liam W

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Ok, this is starting to annoy and confuse me!

On my xf-liam site, Matthew almost always shows as viewing unknown page.

According to him, he is viewing the forum list.

In the xf_session_activity table, it says the controller is XenForo_ControllerPublic_Index, the action is Index, and the view state is error.

I've tried to replicate this - I even registered a new account using Google, however I've been unable to.

Any idea what could be causing this? Its doing it even with disable listeners...

It only appears to be happening on Matthews account (although he is refreshing quite often)...


CC: @Matthew Hawley

Liam W

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This is related to the Google Chrome plugin by @Daniel Hood.

We didn't get very far debugging it because I didn't have time.

I have to admit, the reason why you don't see this issue on http://xenmediagallery.com is because I changed the viewing unknown page phrase to "Viewing forum list" :D
And what plugin would that be?

Its been driving me nuts...

I'm going to look at the source until I find the bug... (I never will)

Daniel Hood

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The thing with this is it pings the forum every 5 minutes checking for alerts/messages. I think it comes down to server settings because I can't seem to duplicate it. There are a few websites I notice I'm constantly logged into, while others it works like it should (the forum recognizes it's a ajax request and doesn't update the session table).