Google viewing unknown page with error for 7 months straight. Up to 5 bots viewing error at one time

Brad Padgett

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Hey. The reason I mainly made that mod security thread because of this issue I was having with Google viewing an error. Up to 5 bots on at once viewing errors for 7 months straight. Google webmaster tools show no errors.

It always says viewing unknown page though once in a while it says viewing thread with an error too.

There were only 2 issues mod security was causing that lead me to post that. People viewing a "can't access / on this server" and this unknown page issue with Google.

I disabled mod security completely and it still didn't fix it. I'm now positive that wasn't the reason. I believe with the help of @bzcomputers it's tweaked perfect and I'm just going to leave it at that. I doubt users will have any error pages again.

This has been on-going for so long and no sign of any issue in Google webmaster tools. If you can help you would be my Hero. I will say that Google does view the site without errors too but far less than the ones that are viewing the error.