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How can I set it so that members cannot view each other's threads but they can view sticky ones? I took away their permissions for viewing each other's threads in case some people are embarrassed to ask for help so it would be completely private. Only admins and moderators can view the forums but the members cannot see sticky topics. Is there a way to fix this?


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You're trying to use a forum against the way it's designed. It's designed to be shared information.

Private Conversations are for private exchanges.
Why not have a forum where you only have the sticky info?) posts you want?
Ordinary members cannot post in it. But it keeps encouraging them to PC - mention how with a picture.

Alternatively you could have a forum inside another or next to each other. One of them has (your sticky) topics visible by others, one does not and carries the private ones.

Jake Bunce

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Yeah, there is no separate permission for stickies.

Consider using a notice inside of that forum in place of the sticky.