"View attachment" label instead of full image

- PHP 5.4.7
- XenForo 1.1.3 (latest)

I get this:
"View attachment (name)" instead of viewing full image.

Any ideas?

The image is in /data/, /internal_data/ folder.

Jeremy P

Well-known member
Where are you seeing this? Attachments surrounded by quote tags will just display a link to view the full image like you describe.
Which one?

When I type: [ attach ]999[/ attach]
I get:
"View attachment Picture.JPG"

Which tag do I use to get attachments as in-line images to topic?

Jeremy P

Well-known member
Oh. As per my first post, that should only happen if the attachment is quoted I believe. Is this happening on your board outside of quotes? If so, could you provide a link for an example.
Ignore. Please mark as fixed.

If you encounter this problem, please re-install XenForo and re-import the whole database.
I have no idea why.