Video embedding not working...

I set up a test xenForo forum with my newly purchased license, and video embedding worked just fine. But after a xenForo reinstall and import of my old forums, video embedding is not working. I make a post, embed the video, and the link is still there [media=youtube]5rJhgxyWVDo[/media], but nothing shows up in the actual post.

What could be wrong? Any permissions I should check?


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I'm not clear on what you did.

Why did you reinstall if you then imported the old database?

All of the content is stored in the database so effectively all you have done is restore your old forum.

Did you perhaps delete the youtube media entry?
Is that why you reinstalled? To try and recover it?
Sorry, I'll try to be more clear. And I remembered a bit of it wrong.

I had a phpbb forum that I wanted to set up in xenForo.

I tried one of those 3-day demos of xenForo on the xenForo website, and youtube embedding worked fine there.

I installed xenForo on my webserver and did a test import of my phpBB forums to make sure it would work as I thought it should. I did not test the youtube embedding at this point.

I deleted all the xenForo files and the MySQL database, and did a completely fresh reinstall of xenforo for the "official" import of the phpBB forums, after locking phpBB down so no one could make more posts in the meantime. We are now running on this import, and youtube embedding is NOT working.

Where is this youtube media entry you spoke about? Maybe I am somehow missing it?


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Is it imported embedded videos which aren't working or new ones?

If imported ones, are you sure the BB Code is exactly as it should be?
Our phpBB install didn't have the ability to embed videos, so it is only new embeds that we are talking about here. But none of them work, at least for youtube. Haven't tried either of the other embeds, but maybe I'll give that a shot and see if it is all of them.

This is the BB code that does not work on my forum (wrapped in plain tags): [media=youtube]5rJhgxyWVDo[/media]

And here it is unwrapped (to prove it is correctly formatted, and working on yours):

Here's my ACP panel for the related entries:
BB Code Media Sites

  1. Delete...
    Visit Site
  2. Delete...
    Visit Site
  3. Delete...
    Visit Site
Showing 3 of 3 items


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So all that's appearing in the post is the plain BB Code text?

Does this happen with any other BB Codes; bold, underline, etc?

What about the other video codes and also embedding images using the insert image button?
Yes, that is all that is in the post. None of the three video embeds work. All other BB codes seem to work, though I admittedly haven't tried them all yet. Pictures work with the insert image button just fine.


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There wasn't any response to the ticket. The only thing I suggested was:
I can confirm the issue - it looks like it's not recognizing the media type, but I'm not positive. Can you try editing one of the BB code media sites in the admin CP? (You don't have to change anything, just save it.)
If that doesn't work, can you submit a ticket with FTP details?


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There wasn't any response to the ticket. The only thing I suggested was:

If that doesn't work, can you submit a ticket with FTP details?
Hah! That seemed to do the trick! (y)

Here's a confirmed solution: Just open your YouTube BB code and Save it.

Thank you Mike.