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Very click, is this written in php?


New member
Wow this app is very slick for a new release!

Is it php based?
Will it ship with source or will it be like IP?

Curious, how long has Kier been coding this for now?

Chris M

Active member
Yes it is PHP based.
I would imagine that the source code will be readable and editable.

And I have no idea, before today I never even knew about XF.
Yes it is written in PHP and it is visible source.

On a side note, i thought IPB was open source also.

[Edited by Kier - it's visible source, not open source]


Active member
Well, "open source" in the sense that the source code isn't encoded/obfuscated. Have to be careful with that term IMHO, especially with the people I normally talk to, they think it means free :p


Active member
How are they different 'only to the developers'? Everyone needs to understand that visible source and open source are very different, no matter your perspective. :)
Indeed. Unfortunately a lot of people I've dealt with like to use "open source" to mean "visible source". I tend to correct them, but they don't seem to learn :p