XF 1.5 vBulletin data import to XenForo - a small question

Hi all,

While installing XenForo (Fresh Installation), I was asked to Setup Administrator and so I did. I think it will be User # 1 in Xenforo system.

Now, after installation, if I import data from my current vBulletin forum, then what happens to my User # 1 (Main Admin) from vBulletin ?

Both IDs will get merged ?

The reason I am asking the question is: Its mentioned that there should not be any data entered into XenForo if I wish to Import Data from vBulletin and keep the same Content IDs in XenForo.

But Setup Administrator step makes one member entry in XenForo and database will not be empty for vBulletin data import.

How is it going to be managed ? Am I missing something ?


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Yes, ID 1 is a special case and will be merged with the administrator account from the imported forum.
Will it take vBulletin one (or) XenForo one ?

For eg, if User Id & Email ID of User#1 are different for both systems, then after merging which system details will be retained ?


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Set the XF admin account email address to match the VB account.

Regardless though, if you want a different email address after the import is completed, you can change it.
Thank You !

I did not know that and so did the test installation & import with different Admin Email Id.
But the import happened fine and both Admin accounts got merged.

May be, you can add a NOTE in Import instructions link that its better to use XF admin account email address same as the VB admin account.