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XF 1.3 VBCMS Style "Landing Page"

I've used Vbulletin since 2002. I have about 8 licenses. Between the spammers and the bugs, I've finally decided it's time to make the move. I've been running Xenforo since (looks at watch...)

So, I'm a total newb with this software. There's not much I like about the VB CMS system, but the one thing I do like is the main "landing page". I have recent photos from my Photopost gallery there, active topics, new posts, announcements. Great way to start your visit to the forum. You can see an example here:

Is there anything like this for Xenforo? I don't want the whole CMS with various categories and sections and blogs and who knows what. (It was so confusing I never did really figure out how to use the dang thing...) I would like one page though, pretty close to that one. Can anyone suggest a direction I should go to get something like that?