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vB4 Migration

Hmmm ... I just tried the CLI importer (after following all the steps) and I get an error after Step 1 with the following message:-

Unknown column 'match_regex'

Understand that the VB4 importer is marked Beta at the moment, but would like to understand what is causing the issue, and how to fix.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Now that you're licensed, could you create a new thread? This one could be a bug so if you could create it with the relevant details in the XenForo bug reports [2.x] forum that'd be ideal.


Well-known member
In terms of albums it should be possible to import them into our Gallery add-on, but it's not compatible with vB5.
Hello Chris,

Is this a standard feature of the official XF importer? So, when we want to migrate a VB3.8 board (with User Albums) to XF2.0, will our User Albums be transported to the Media Gallery?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It’s part of the XFMG add on itself so a separate import. Unfortunately XFMG 2.x doesn’t yet have any importers so my recommendation would be to import into XF 1.5 and MG 1.1 first and then upgrade to 2.0.