vB - Xen, Mambo - Joomla


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Is it just me who find this 2 stories much alike.

Mambo was once top opensource CMS, but at some point due to bad business decisions and greediness, key developers quit and found Joomla.

It looks like things are going on here pretty much the same. I hope Xen succeed and try to pay attention to what customers want, also after success. I am to buy first license (money which would go to vB 4 if it would be cool software), but waiting for some goodies (prefixes for instance) first. In the mean time, I like how things are developing.


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We saw the same thing with phpnuke as well. Loads of drama and all the good devs eventually left and started dragonfly with great ideas and intentions but it never really made progress from what I saw.


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It's easier to get things accomplished when you surround yourself with competent and ambitious people.

Luckily for us (
), we have the legal system to tell us what we can and can't have. :mad:


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An even more apt comparison would be what happened with Infopop's UBB classic -> vBulletin. Take read though the entry in wikipedia, you'll see a lot of echos of what's happening now in the first couple of paragraphs. And even some familiar names ;)