Yes, another vb to Xen question


But this time, I'm trying to figure out how the people who have made the switch went about doing it?

I get the importer script and all that. What I don't know and would like some help with is how do you set up a xenforo forum in your root directory when you already have/had vb set up in your root directory?

What's the process for uploading a new forum software when you have your old forum software already on your server?

Do you turn vb off, delete everything, upload xenforo, install xenforo. Then run the importing script? That's scary for me to even think about!

One last question. Has anyone seen or heard of someone developing a downloads plugin for xenforo like vb has? My site is based off offering downloads to my members, it's a major part of my website.

Thanks for the help!


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Here's what you do. Make a directory in your root installation of vbulletin named "forum" or whatever. Upload the xenforo files there, install it, and import your vbulletin forum. Then delete your vbulletin installation, and move your xenforo files to the root folder of your website. Then go basic board options in the admin panel and change it to your forum url.

A downloads addon is not available for xenforo. The resource manager will handle all that when it gets releases, though it hasn't come out for some time and I doubt it will come out soon. I would stick with vbulletin until the resource manager or a downloads addon comes out.

You could ask for it in the addon request section. Though you would have to purchase xenforo in order to post in those forums. Also, I'd imagine such an addon would cost anywhere from $100, $200 or higher.

You could try here.


Thanks for the info with getting xenforo up and installed. Never thought about just moving stuff and changing a url. I guess that's why I asked! ha-ha!

I did try that script, and ran into a url error after installation. The script keep sputing an "L" after .com and an extra forward slash. So it looks like .coml//

The script looks promising, but if I get error's right off the bat with it, and it's not supported anymore, I can't invest a whole lot of time with it.