vB to XF converter: charset ISO-8859-1 to utf-8


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vBulletin uses ISO-8859-1 whereas XenForo uses utf-8.
I suppose that the converter vBulletin to XenForo has this problem perfectly solved because it is very important for that we have forums in languages different from the English.

Pardon for my English, I am using Reverso :rolleyes:


Yes, it converts all the data to UTF-8.
I think it would be hard to convert all post data correctly to UTF-8 automagically on other than ISO-8859-1 encodings.
Given the encodings of different languages and sometimes mixed encodings (in my case most of my vB forums are ISO-8859-2 and can't make a proper conversion with iconv)...so far the only thing that works are text editors with regex replacements...which can be quite fun when you're converting a 14 Gbyte post table...


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Why does iconv not work on your data? It can certainly handle ISO-8859-2.

If you have mixed encodings, then that is an unavoidable problem, but it's an issue you'd be having right now as well.