Various questions about the license agreement

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The license agreement says "Automated checks may be used to verify your License, including but not limited to installations reporting their usage to Us.". What kinds of usage & other information does the installation report to you? We don't want our members' personal data being surveilled, does XenForo do this? If you don't like what one of our members posted, can you shut down our installation?

Does the license allow us to modify the code so that it doesn't report anything to you? (You would still know the installation's URL.)

I completely understand you want to prevent people from giving away your product of course, but I'm concerned about the censorship & control issues in today's world.



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Asking questions is not protesting. I think they are valid questions.

And are you attempting to be rude or nasty by calling me a lady? How dare you. How do you if I am or not transitioning? What an insulting post.

The words I posted are those of Shakespeare, from Hamlet. Words which are often quoted. It seems the meaning of such a common quote escapes you and your thinned skinned reaction to it reinforces it's point.
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Enough of this.

We've said all we have to say on the matter. For those that didn't see it, we also addressed similar questions earlier:

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