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XF 1.4 Vanishing Posts and Conversations


Active member
So, I'm currently planning to upgrade my forum from 1.4.10 to 5.1. In preparation for this, my host moved me over to a different server that is running php 5.5, so I can meet the new recommended version. However, ever since this move happened (yesterday), my members have been reporting posts, new threads, and even conversation replies of theirs sporadically vanishing.

These posts do appear on the forum for a brief period of time before simply disappearing. I checked the moderator logs in case someone was deleting them, but that checks out fine. One of my own posts vanished like this after I had confirmed it posted. The post, however, still exists in the database. This has happened with both new posts and new threads.

Any ideas what the problem might be?


Active member
Unfortunately, I can't get a url for a thread that vanished since one had never been saved.

And checking the database again this morning, the vanishing post I had seen in there originally is no longer in the database.

Yesterday, I had also noticed that my cpanel was still showing information from before the server move (like the old php version), and apparently logging in was directing me to the old server instead of the new one (my host then gave me a direct link to the cpanel on the correct server). I'm kind of wondering if people were also being bounced from the old server to the new one while the DNS was propagating. So a post was saved to the old database, but then they were suddenly viewing the site at its new location later and as such that post was gone.

Basically, at this point I haven't had anybody else complain about this vanishing post issue and I can't duplicate it myself. I'm hoping it's resolved itself now.