Using Promotions 1.1.0


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It's on my to do list to write the help manual entry (it's half finished).

It's fairly self explanatory though, which bit are you struggling with?


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Set the base permissions for all new users on the Registered user group.

Then have a promotion after 2 posts which adds them to another user group.

So in your case:

Follow message moderation rules: Not Set (No)

Follow message moderation rules: Allow


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Trophies are nothing to do with user groups or promotions.

Create the new group.
Set the permissions for both groups as above.
Create the promotion in ACP -> Users -> User Group Promotions


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Click the second tab... [Apply This Promotion While...]

Sounds as if you're doing it backwards though.
You don't want to add them to the pre-moderation user group after 2 posts.

They are already being pre-moderated based on the Registered user group settings.
I got it.

-> Promotion Options <-

Title = Verified Member
Promotion is active = [Ticked]
Verified Member = [Ticked]

-> Apply This Promotion While... <-

User has posted at least X messages = [2]