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I'm currently developing for my own forums, and am in the process of creating a 'blog'-like plugin since none of the existing ones suite our needs. The main goal is to create a nice 'writing' environment for the user, and give more freedom of styles for the 'first post' of the thread that comes from it.
I am extremely new to php and xenforo's syntax and MVC, so please bear with me.

I am using php callback methods to turn a xenforo page into the place where users can create their publication.

We're making a content management system of sort which lets users post things they have created in a few formats - each format would change how the first post of the thread displays:
  • Video with Article
  • Music with Blurb
  • Photo(s) with Article
  • Article
I am also interested in other custom fields such as "tags" - kind of like the prefixes already build into xenforo, but with the ability to use multiple on one post.

Depending on the category you choose, another custom input would come up, like for example, video URL - where the URL of the specified video is placed at the top of the post, and has width = 100%, or for Photo(s) you can choose a main photo which acts similar to the video, but does not move.

So here are my main questions - if you have ideas/thoughts on how to implement them, even if it's only for one question, it's all appreciated!!!

My biggest problem? I don't know how to store the post data - I want to preferably store it in the same manner as normal threads, but with one or two added details/options
  1. Core Feature: How would I create a new "thread" from a 'page' (ie. ) in Xenforo
    1. Choose the category of the post from radio boxes or dropdown list
  2. Customize the first post in the newly created "thread" with my own styling options, html locations, ect.
    1. Display the custom variables here (ie, tags, ect.)
  3. Edit the post using the same page/access to change the variables
    1. Minor Feature: Edit the created post using CKEditor's inline function. (Although I suspect this will just be to click a button which will then load ckeditor's inline classes and scripts in, then off we go! Not too sure how to save this all...)

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