XF 2.2 XF v2.2.13 Imagick Error with PHP 8.2 - can't create threads, reply, or message


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I am running XF v2.2.13. My hosting service (Knownhost) just upgraded my server to use PHP 8.2. I am getting an error related to Imagick even though it is installed. This occurs when trying to create a new thread, reply to an existing thread, or start a conversation.


Screen shot from tech support page confirming install of PHP 8.2
imagick install.webp

Is there a setting in the Admin CP that I might be missing somewhere? I did a search of the Admin CP for "Imagick" because I seem to recall there being a setting for it somewhere, but I cannot find it.

This is kind of urgent as it has my forum basically inoperable at the moment.

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