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XF 1.4 Using Dreamweaver for editing xenforo templates


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I've read the info that I could find about using dreamweaver for editing xenforo templates.

I use Dreamweaver anyway and I like the idea of using it for editing xenforo templates, but is Wevdav really worth it? From what I've read it seems like a more long winded way of doing things as opposed to copy and paste.

To use webdav, xenforo has to be in debug mode, but then it's not recommended to use debug on a live site, plus when in debug, all users can see it's debug mode.

Another problem would be this which I read on Adobe's site...

Note: If you select WebDAV as your connection method, and you are using Dreamweaver in a multiuser environment, you should also make sure that all of your users select WebDAV as the connection method. If some users select WebDAV, and other users select other connection methods (FTP, for example), Dreamweaver’s check-in/check-out feature will not work as expected, since WebDAV uses its own locking system.

I use Dreamweaver for FTP.

So at the moment, I'm struggling to see the benefits of using webdav, so I have a few questions....

1) Does anyone use Dreamweaver WebDAV for editing templates and also use FTP?
2) Do you have any issues?
3) Is it worth it?

Thank you for any input :)